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Jazz Aviation Pathways Program

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Get your pilot career on the right path!
Jazz’s Aviation Pathways Program (Jazz APP) is the premiere education and training pathway for pilots in Canada. Through the Jazz APP, aviation students are provided an industry-leading education experience based on:

  • Collaborative training and curriculum development,
  • Prestigious scholarship awards,
  • The continued opportunity for top-performing graduates to transition to first officer positions at Jazz.

Jazz APP Aviation Colleges, Flight Schools, Universities and Industry Organizations

Aviation Colleges, Flight Schools, and Universities:Program Information
Algonquin logo

Program: Aviation Management - General Arts and Science

Chicoutimi logo

Program: Pilotage d’aéronefs

Confederation CollegeProgram: Aviation Flight Management
Conestoga logo web

Program: Aviation - General Arts and Science

MRU logo

Program: Aviation

OkanaganProgram: Commercial Aviation
OAS logo webProgram: Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence
Sault College

Program: Aviation Technology - Flight www.saultcollege.ca

Seneca logoProgram: Bachelor of Aviation Technology
Waterloo logo webProgram: Aviation

Program: Commercial Aviation Management


Industry OrganizationsDetails
Bearskin webJazz welcomes Bearskin Airlines to its pilot pathway program.
      Wasaya logo     Jazz and Wasaya Airways sign pilot pathway agreement.
Air Cadet logoJazz and Air Cadet League of Canada Sign Pilot Pathway Agreement.

Seneca logo
Instructor Pathway

Jazz adds Seneca flight instructors to its professional pilot career pathway program.

Qualification requirements

  • Pilots selected to the Jazz APP program: For pilots to be hired directly from a Jazz APP institutions who were individually selected as part of the Jazz APP process, the minimum hour requirements are 250 hours total flying time plus successful completion of the IATRA written exams.

  • Pilots graduating from a Jazz APP partner institution: Pilots who graduated from one of our Jazz App institutions are accepted into the hiring process with 1000 hours of total flying experience, 250 hours of multi-engine flight time, with the IATRA or ATPL exam(s) completed to be endorsed on a two crew aircraft.
Jazz is Air Canada's largest regional partner
  • Air Canada Express 2017We cover North America! Jazz is Air Canada’s largest regional operator of their Air Canada Express branded flying.
  • Oh, Canada! We operate a fleet of over 100 Bombardier regional jets and turboprops made right here in Canada.
  • Big plane dreams? Through Jazz’s pilot mobility agreement our pilots have the ability to flow to First Officer positions at Air Canada.